Benefits of Hydraform Building Technology

Research has revealed that 91 percent of Ghanaians are not property owners. Also, according to the ministry of works and housing Ghana’s housing deficit as of July 2013 was estimated to be about 1.7 million houses.

Now, this so because of the big word affordability. It is possible to reduce this deficit to the barest minimum if the cost of housing could be reduced, so that the ordinary Ghanaian can afford to build or buy his/her own home.

To make owning your home absolutely possible, we at Cediwise Properties LTD introduce to you the hydraform interlocking building block.

These blocks are manufactured with a mixture of soil, cement and water. Once blocks are manufactured, they are ‘wet cured’ for a period of 14 to 21 days to reach desired strength. They are then dry stacked and interlocked on four sides.


Cost-effective Solution

The Hydraform building blocks are cost-effective because they save on plaster and mortar cost. Each interlocking block has tongue and groove joints that form an interlocking wall which doesn’t end up with large holes which need covering with mortar. Plastering also becomes an option because the building wall looks very beautiful on its own. The cost of walling reduces to about 50 percent compared to conventional blocks or stones.

Construction Speed

Since the blocks can be dry stacked with no mortar, the construction speed is automatically increased.


Interlocking blocks have been tested extensively for structural strength and durability and also for fire, rain and sound resistance.

High Finish Design and Aesthetics

Interlocking blocks are beautiful on their own therefore they create a very beautiful building wall.

Earthquake Resistant

Interlocking shear key makes masonry earthquake resistant

Room Temperature

The soil component of interlocking blocks is an excellent insulation material, it keeps structures cool in the hot months and warm in the cooler months thus reducing our carbon footprints and excellent for Africa.

Cediwise Properties Limited provides architectural and engineering team that offers simple advice on projects and develops full technical drawings for developments for planning and construction of your Hydraform building.

Interlocking blocks, an Alternative Building Technology(ABT)from South Africa have been tried, tested, internationally proven and accepted by over 50 countries including Kenya, India, Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, cote devoir and also shooting up fast and steady in Ghana.

This technology is waiting to improve your life; so why not get on board? own a Hydraform interlocking building which is comparatively less costly by saving up to 40 percent of your construction cost today and make your life much more easier

Payment Plan

We are concerned about you and your housing needs. So while making your building affordable and durable, we are also very much interested in giving you a relaxed payment plan to aid you to own a home faster.

As an individual, all you need to do is to provide 50 percent of the cost of the blocks initially, and the rest is spread over a 12 month period.

We have a special package for groups. A group of 10 and above wanting their buildings constructed together can make an initial deposit of 30 percent and the rest spread over a 15 month period.